The Student

This is the note prepared and read by Dr Sailaja Mallakapalli (Master of ceremony) at the Arangetram program

Ahalya Kodali has been a student of Sridevi Thirumalai for the past seven years at the Natyamani School of Dance. At the tender age of five Ahalya started learning Bharathanatyam from Meena Subramanyam, who stimulated ardent enthusiasm and interest in Ahalya for this ancient and traditional dance form. Subsequently, under the tutelage of Sridevi, Ahalya continued her appreciation for Bharathanatyam and has learned this art with great passion and perseverance.

Ahalya is currently a junior at Ursuline Academy and has been inducted into the National Honor Society. She enthusiastically participates in school activities, is the President of the Library Council and also represents Ursuline Academy in Junior Varsity Softball. She recently traveled oversees on 'People to People Student Ambassadors Program' to explore the British Isles and Irish heritage. Ahalya also avidly takes part in community service.

Apart from Indian classical dance, Ahalya enjoys playing guitar, piano and violin. She is also pursuing the Martial Arts and has earned a brown belt. In addition, Ahalya exhibits creativity in computer graphics and has helped in designing professional websites.