As described before Bharathanatyam has three inherent components namely;

BHAva (expression),

RAga (music),

TAla (rhythm)


Naturally therefore, song, music and rhythmic beats are invariable accompaniments of Bharathanatyam.

The lyrical content of most of the songs used for Bharathanatyam is devotional and is based on Carnatic classical music. The dance direction is done by 'Nattuvanar'  (usually, the guru, the leader) giving the Thaalam using hand symbols.and Nattuvangam, and singing 'Vaaythari' (best described as vocal rhythmic beats). The singer provides the song sequence. The melodious and rhythmic music is provided by musicians playing variety of  musical instruments such as Veena, Flute, Mrudangam and Voilin.

Listen to Vaaythari (best described as vocal rhythmic beats) mp3 file

Musicians of Arangetram Program





 Listen toMrudangam


Listen to flute, Mrudangam, Nattuvangam and Voilin combination