Kempo Karate Martial Arts

In the summer before seventh grade, I began learning Kenpo Karate. Ever since, I have continued training to be a martial artist. Kenpo Karate involves not only the knowledge of forms and self defense, but also the history and proper use of techniques. Since I began learning Kenpo, I have performed at demonstration and grand openings, as well as competed in intramural and national tournaments. I am all-rounder at contests, competing in sparring, traditional, and free for all forms, as well as traditional and free for all weapons forms. My specialty weapons are the bo (long staff) and sais (miniature tridents) For the past three years, I have been a student instructor. I help my senseiís (instructors) to teach this karate style to younger students. I received black belt in December of 2005. I have also participated in local and regional competitions and have won several prizes.

It is my humble opinion that my training in Bharathanatyam has helped me to learn Martial arts with ease. On the other hand, martial arts gives necessary stamina required to master Bharathanatyam.

Tycondo Martial Arts

At Boston University, I have joined Tycondo Martial arts to pursue another form of martial arts training. 


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