Bharathanatyam tour of India


July / August 2006

I, along with five co-students of Natyamani School of Dance, MA, USA, performed at five institutes in India. This performance was produced and choreographed by my guru, Sridevi Ajai Thirumalai.  The programs were well appreciated by many. The programs were well reviewed in most of the leading news dailies. In Hyderabad, the popular TV station "ETV" aired the program highlights along with interviews . For details of  Hyderabad program click here.

The participants were

Ahalya Kodali, Krina Shah, Shivani Shrivatsav, Prerana Purohit, Jyostna Vinayak, Arya Palakurthi


The program, "Natyanjali"  was cheduled as follows in various cities.


23rd July, 2006 at International Institute of World Culture (6.00 PM)

29th July, 2006 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (6.00 PM)

These programs were reviewed in local dailies.


27th July, 2006 at Central Food & Trade Research Institute (6.00 PM). The program was reviewed in local dailies giving high praise


31st July, 2006 at Ravindrabharathi (6.00 PM)

For details of Hyderabad program click here


6th August, 2006 at Kalakshetra (6.00 PM)

A review in leading news daily, The HIndu. paid rich tribute to the participants. It is considered exceptional to receive high acclaims form local critics

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