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Despite being busy with Boston University's curriculum, I am continuing Bharathanatyam dance.  'DHEEM" is Boston University's Classical  Indian Dance Association. Usually two programs are conducted in one academic year (March and December). This is a very good opportunity for me o continue my art, having put in more than 10 years of dedication and effort into acquiring the skills. In addition, to this I am participating at programs such as those organized by Indian Youth Association of Boston.

 Program 1: December, 2006 at Fitrec Dance Theater, Boston

Program 2: March, 2007 at Fitrec Dance Theater, Boston _ you can view videos iva Windows Media player -click below

 Idathupadam (Ahalya Kodali and Amrita Devapalli, Ragam: Khamas and Thalam: Adi)

The dance's name, Idathu Padam, means "raising of the left leg" . This movement is characteristic of Shiva's dance. This piece honors the love between the Hindu deity Shiva and his wife, Parvati. The forcefulness and energy of the dance signifies Shiva's Tandava.

Shantimantra (Ahalya Kodali, Amrita Devapalli, Neepa Shah, Vidhya Balasubramanian, Mallika Bhandarkar, Vasuda Nanda.).

"Shanti," which is Sanskrit for piece, is the basis of this opening pushpanjali.  Dancers use soft, pure classical movements to portray tranquility. This dance commemorates nature and its elements: sun, wind, and water. 



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